IFAC Book Club

A space to meet and engage with other local feminists inetrested in learning more about intersectionality through reading feminist literature from diverse viewpoints. Many of these readings will work in conjunction with various workshops and seminars covering related topics. 

IFAC Creative Club & Showcases

Who says your praxis can't be fun? With Creative Club, us intersectional feminists can relax and bond through making art and crafts while planning revolution. Similarly, art shows, open mics and poetry slams provide venues for us to come together and gain new perspectives. 

Continued Organized Coordination 

First and foremost, IFAC advocates for radical, political change. Though many of these actions are on a local, micro level, we acknowledge that larger change comes from supporting and allying with other radical organizations aimed at dismantling capitalist white supremacy. What this means is members at IFAC commit to mobilizing during protests and organized actions for Black Liberation, LGBTQ+ rights, workers rights, disabled rights, immigrant rights, indigenous rights, reproductive freedom and more. 

Volunteer Outreach 

Assisting and connecting underserved individuals with whatever services they may need. This may be as easy as pointing people in the direction of an existing organization, or it may be rides to get groceries, assisting with phone calls or helping to secure daycare. We are always looking for ways to assist and make things a little easier. 

IFAC Survivors Group

A monthly support group for sexual assault and domestic violence survivors, regardless of how long ago abuse occurred or whatever walk of life you come from. A welcoming, supportive envirnoment for relating and tapping into available resources. 

Mental Health Resource Crew

Provide a centering and empowering environment that connects folks with others who live with and support those living with mental health diagnoses. Collect and disseminate resources in one less intimidating environment. Throwing out a life preserver in the sea of health insurance jargon and summary of benefits letters.








Ongoing Actions Supporting the Community and Connecting Fellow Feminists -- More to come!!